When a client plans business or in some instances leisure travel to a hostile environment, this demands the services of a highly professional, trained, skilled Personal Security Detail (PSD) which is focused on providing a full range of personal and professional services designed to minimize our client’s threats, while maximizing freedom and mobility. This is not only recommended but is required due to the heightened risks associated with these areas and is not to be taken lightly. Majority of these are unstable and have seen decades of hostile action with no end in sight.

2RS is highly experienced and have spent many years in these environments both military combat roles and currently in the private security sector, providing the highest level of close protection to diplomatic and and commercial contracts throughout the world in some of the most hostile and challenging environments on this planet. Some of these clients include Australian and New Zealand Prime Ministers/ Ambassadors/Foreign Ministers/Chief of Defence Force/Chief of Army, U.S Ambassador, US Department of Defence members, U.S. Secretary of State, President of Finland, Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark.

2RS will tailor security services to the specifics of the location and current global threats, which will ensure a safe and secure passage to daily operations while constantly minimising associated risks. 2RS will determine and develop risk mitigation procedures depending on the country to be visited which can include armed escorts, armoured vehicles and trusted local nationals in which 2RS has built multiple relationships throughout the world with local national fixers that will assist with movements throughout these areas. Before a client is planning to travel to a hostile or challenging environment, 2RS will conduct in depth location briefs and (HEAT) hostile environment awareness training which incudes to ensure there is complete knowledge of the visited location to minimise risk.

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