2RS provides media organisations with a highly trained safety and security advisor while in domestic or international challenging or hostile environments. In some instances, media organisations are targeted when deploying to locations that are at high risk of possible hostile occurrences – a risk heightened by the current increase to threat levels globally.

2RS will identify the most feasible and suitable approach for the area of operations to sustain a comprehensive safety and security plan. This plan will minimise risk and provide the necessary safe passage for media personnel on the ground in the task location. 2RS will tailor security services to the specifics of the location and current global threats, which will ensure a safe and secure passage to daily operations while constantly minimising associated risks.

2RS will determine and develop risk mitigation procedures depending on the country to be visited which can include armed escorts, armoured vehicles and trusted local nationals in which 2RS has built multiple relationships throughout the world with local national fixers that will assist with movements throughout these areas. Before a client is planning to travel to a hostile or challenging environment, 2RS will conduct in depth location briefs and (HEAT) hostile environment awareness training which incudes to ensure there is complete knowledge of the visited location to minimise risk.

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