Two Ravens Security (2RS) is an emerging, revolutionary provider of all integrated security solutions for Australian domestic and international environments. As a provider of diverse safety, security and risk management solutions, we focus strongly on changing the way individuals and organisations approach and eliminate risk. By providing cost-effective 24/7 security, we ensure your business procedures continue uninterrupted. The 2RS partnership has combined expertise across all facets of modern security realms, from international high-end markets to daily domestic security operational requirements.

2RS is an Australian Veteran-owned-and-operated partnership, with decades of expertise in providing security and stability operations across the defence, police and private security sectors. Our varied experiences have seen us provide security and risk management consultancy in highly challenging and hostile environments globally to the unpredictable and fast-paced public environment of event/venue security, protest management and celebrity close protection, to name a few. These challenging and evolving environments cause us to draw from multiple proven tactics, techniques and advanced procedures to provide a truly multi-faceted approach to modern security industry operations.

2RS management are highly skilled and with decades of experience, with backgrounds including Australian military/special forces, police and have completed internationally recognised security and risk management training. With proven on-the-ground experience in the private security industry domestically and internationally with a large diverse genre of clients in a multitude of challenging environments. The attributes and experience 2RS management gained both in the military and private security sector far exceeds the required civilian training and civilian gained experience, it also ensures a detailed comprehensive protective security and risk management service than the typical 'security’ service that has flooded the market.

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2RS was established after identifying a number of ongoing demands for a protective security company with management that has extensive detailed experience and exposure to all aspects of security from the lower end of nightclub security operations through to ever-increasing global terrorism threats, also the combined shortage of experienced, professional security companies with the ability to provide a wide range of security provisions to a high professional standard.

Majority of these market flooded civilian managed companies have not been exposed to variety of current domestic and international low and high-profile incidents, with these companies only providing a reactive measure rather than a proactive security measure. This makes them unable to develop correct risk mitigation procedures and detailed standard operating procedures to minimise the effects pre and post incidents.

2RS services are offered at prices reflected at the level of service 2RS provides, this also ensures that it does not compromise the professional security service, as our scheduled fees are designed to build long-term relationships with our clients. Keeping security costs down ­– without risking the required standard of security provided – will lead to great financial value and have a positive impact on any business.

Today, 2RS offers government agencies, businesses and private individuals a professional service in a number of specialised areas including protective security, private intelligence and risk management services. .