It is a necessity that a risk assessment be completed before implementing an emergency contingency plan to thoroughly analyse a business’s exposure to risk and if current emergency contingency plans are up to date. Emergency contingency plans is a requirement to be in place and maintained whether it’s a natural disaster or a man-made intrusion, a crisis event can threaten people, property and business continuity. Failure to plan for an emergency can raise the risk to an unfavourable level, which may result in serious injury or death, destruction of property, loss of productive time and a significant financial loss.

2RS can review current plans and / or implement a new contingency plan that incorporates all existing policies, procedures and plans designed to help an organisation respond to and manage effectively a potential significant future event. This will ensure a safe working environment and will save a business financially in the event of an incident.

2RS incident and business continuity management protocols use risk-based criteria and guidelines to accelerate the response when managing incidents. 2RS can also provide crisis command control and communications facility design; emergency contingency plans to support operational and strategic levels of organisations. The impact of a major incident and emergency can have disastrous implications for your business, employees, brand perception with the local community and environment. It is essential for organisations to be prepared for mitigating any on-site risks and hazards.

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