Threats and disruption to your company’s security, safety and productivity are rising due to the current global threats. 2RS can inject in-depth experience and multi-industry expertise to your security planning and compliance implementation. 2RS provides established, highly skilled professionals with extensive field expertise and industry-recognised certifications. Our safety and security management consultants can help you avoid disruptions to everyday operations in even the most hazardous industries anywhere in the world. 2RS will work with you to develop and establish effective, threat-appropriate and cost-efficient security measures.

The desired outcomes are to achieve protection against loss and increase the safety, security and productivity of everyday operations. These principles also apply to individuals regularly travelling throughout the world on personal or business activities. 2RS compiles in-depth research and the latest intelligence reports, assesses the potential security risks for any given location and, by compiling detailed recommendations for safety and security measures, reduces and or eliminates risk.

2RS expands its consultancy and advisory with an intelligence capability which is gathered and utilised as a key decision making tool when supplied to the end user, whether you are a Corporate Security Director, CEO, Business Leader, Executive or in Local/State Government agencies you must have the best intelligence to make appropriate and timely decisions.

Knowledge is power when protecting information associated with your organization's critical infrastructure, assets and intellectual property against all threats, including but not limited to; hostile takeovers; corporate espionage; industrial sabotage; or politically motivated violence. To combat emerging threats, you need the highest level of security intelligence delivered immediately. 2RS intelligence service can provide you with early warnings to emerging threats, resulting in actionable security intelligence that is tailored to your environment.

Security Intelligence briefs will provide you with foreknowledge and critical lead-time enabling you to protect your key assets and mitigate associated risks.

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