The operation of mining resources and civil infrastructure requires extensive investment by mining/civil companies and often necessitates years of negotiation with local government prior to becoming operational. Each stage of the time-consuming process organisations face an ever-changing risk profile, from exploration, through negotiation to implementation, the ultimate extraction refinement and export processes.

Current global terror threats, organised crime and the heavy presence of environmental Issue Motivated Group (IMG) activists are bringing increasing disruption to day-to-day operations in the civil infrastructure and mining industries. Disruption costs companies financially and valuable time. 2RS can provide around-the-clock static security and IMG protest management services specifically tailored to protect assets, critical infrastructure and on-site staff, locally or in remote areas, to ensure a seamless, secure and safe working environment.

2RS provisions entails a multi-faceted comprehensive solution involving utilising technological, physical security and including gathering of open source intelligence interventions planned in fine detail and implemented to suit the unique needs of each individual operational mining or civil infrastructure location and ensuring ongoing stability, support and best practice implementation to ensure advanced safety and security solutions adapt to changing requirements to the ever evolving environment and situations.

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