The 2RS approach in ensuring protection of assets is a detailed understanding of the threats and risk you are faced with. Time spent evaluating and analysing your exposure and conducting a security vulnerability assessment allows us to anticipate instead of reacting to incident. 2RS has extensive knowledge and skills to plan, implement and manage the asset protection with tailored static security vital to clients’ interests in all environments and locations.

2RS comprehensive and integrated services include a combination of technical and physical solutions designed to deter, minimise, secure and protect our client’s personnel and vital assets. Determining the challenges of providing a safe and secure working environment, our highly-trained security personnel manage and control key vulnerable areas, maintaining the integrity of each facility or site ensuring a comprehensive vital asset protection plan is in place.
Traditionally, our guard force consists of a Static Security Officer (SSO Guard Commander), Access Control (Entry Control) Static Security Guards (SSG), Perimeter Patrol Teams. In addition, 2RS services include Search and Detection Teams and a K-9 Unit.

Some assets are critical to a government, company or personal interest and demand an elevated degree of security. They may be valuable assets of jewellery, luxury cars, luxury yachts, buildings, facilities, residential estates or infrastructure etc. Two Ravens Security (2RS) conducts a full security review, including a risk assessment, which will provide the capability of maintaining the correct vital asset protection service.

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