Executive / VIP / Celebrity Close Protection

The main purpose of Close Protection is to establish and maintain a safe working environment in which a Principal can live and work, by continually minimising and eliminating risk to ensure a freedom of movement.

2RS operatives are highly experienced, with backgrounds including Australian special forces/military, police with all operatives to have advanced internationally recognised close-protection training, first-person-on-the-scene medical training. 2RS also can provide highly trained tactical medical first responders/paramedics and highly experienced trained medical physicians 2RS personnel have proven on-the-ground experience in the private security industry with a diverse genre of clients.

These attributes and experience are far beyond the required civilian training and guarantee a more comprehensive security option than the typical ‘bodyguard’ service that has flooded the market by civilian managed companies. 2RS operatives draw from a multitude of fields of expertise where operatives have conducted close-protection operations that entail diplomatic, including prime ministers’, protective details in the most hostile locations on the globe, to touring the world with executives, high net worth individuals, media, athletes and celebrities.

2RS will conduct a threat assessment which is used to identify possible risks faced by an individual/group and develop and implement a security protective plan toward protecting that person/group.  In order to accurately assess the level of possible risks and to implement security protective plan to reduce the associated risks, it is necessary to conduct an in-depth protective risk and vulnerability analysis including history, intelligence gathering and detailed assessments of such areas as the office, home, transportation practices, activities and other areas of vulnerabilities. Protective security measures to consider for individual/group depending on the location may include, armed CPP, armored vehicles, travel advance planning, route planning, background investigations, logistics and security awareness training.

About Us

Two Ravens Security (2RS) is an emerging, revolutionary provider of all integrated security solutions for Australian domestic and international environments. As a provider of diverse safety, security and risk management solutions, we focus strongly on changing the way individuals and organisations approach and eliminate risk. 

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At 2RS we provide services that include: Corporate Security, Executive Security, Events & Venue Security, VIP/Celebrity Bodyguard, Civil Infrastructure/Mining Security, Security Mobile Patrol, Close Protection Team, Vital Asset Protection, Hostile Environment PSD, Media Safety & Security, Security Risk Management, Security Consultancy & Advisory, Emergency Contingency Planning.