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2RS services are tailored to suit clients’ individual requirements which include licenced security staff, (Responsible Service Alcohol) RSA marshals and concierge staff with relevant certifications, whether it be at the finest establishments, licensed venues, nightlife hotspots, prestigious red-carpet or private functions, public events, exhibitions, concerts or sporting events.

2RS integrates customer service, security risk and safety management throughout all phases to ensure a safe working environment is maintained at all times throughout hours of operation. We have strong crowd-control operating procedures and work with event/venue promoters and management to maintain efficiency and security. 2RS services are tailored to suit clients’ individual requirements, whether it be prestigious red-carpet or private functions, public events, exhibitions, concerts or sporting events. Our clients range from some of the finest establishments to licensed venues and nightlife hotspots.

Unfortunately, with the current statistics of global criminal, hostile incidents and environmental natural disasters are on a steep incline of occurring and generally without warning, majority of events/venues and security companies providing services at these locations are not prepared for such events or have not developed current risk mitigation procedures in place to deal with such possible events. 2RS plans for all scenarios ranging from minor incidents from electrical blackouts through to criminal and hostile incidents and possibilities of environmental natural disasters which any of these scenarios can occur without warning as the world has witnessed in the past and most definitely it will continue long into the future. 2RS will develop risk mitigation procedures specific to the venue and ensure all staff are correctly trained to deal with such events which will lower the impact or even prevent injury, loss of life and avoid the financial loss that may occur to the business affected. With a 2RS comprehensive plan in place tailored towards a single venue/event it will promote best business practices are maintained with maximum effectiveness of daily operations for the client business involved.

About Us

Two Ravens Security (2RS) is an emerging, revolutionary provider of all integrated security solutions for Australian domestic and international environments. As a provider of diverse safety, security and risk management solutions, we focus strongly on changing the way individuals and organisations approach and eliminate risk. 

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Our Services

At 2RS we provide services that include: Corporate Security, Executive Security, Events & Venue Security, VIP/Celebrity Bodyguard, Civil Infrastructure/Mining Security, Security Mobile Patrol, Close Protection Team, Vital Asset Protection, Hostile Environment PSD, Media Safety & Security, Security Risk Management, Security Consultancy & Advisory, Emergency Contingency Planning.