Corporate Security

Security has become a daily necessity to ensure an effective safe working environment and operation of a business on a day to day basis. Companies must rely on a variety of corporate security services to protect their assets and provide a safe work place a safe and secure facility for their employees and visitors in today’s world. Businesses and the public tends to be complacent and ignore that there is a global increase in disruptive risks and incidents, such as terror threats, bomb threats, active shooter, workplace violence, corporate espionage and extortion in which these are some likely events that may occur which these risks can arise without warning.

In all 2RS operations, we utilise an intelligence gathering plan. What that means is that every corporate security services operation is a protective intelligence operation. The protective security measure and parameters of the operation are dictated by proactive intelligence gathering focused on threat avoidance and mitigation which is developed by a broad selection of resources and expertise required to analyse and identify risks with the ability to provide intervention strategies and to mitigate threats. 2RS can provide a physical protective security element including vital asset static security, access control, concierge, executive close protection, and risk management consultants to ensure these events can be deterred and or minimised.

2RS dedicated management team will meet with you to understand your businesses specific needs. Once those needs are defined, we will develop and recommend a security and risk management plan that will meet your security, public relations and financial objectives.

About Us

Two Ravens Security (2RS) is an emerging, revolutionary provider of all integrated security solutions for Australian domestic and international environments. As a provider of diverse safety, security and risk management solutions, we focus strongly on changing the way individuals and organisations approach and eliminate risk. 

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Our Services

At 2RS we provide services that include: Corporate Security, Executive Security, Events & Venue Security, VIP/Celebrity Bodyguard, Civil Infrastructure/Mining Security, Security Mobile Patrol, Close Protection Team, Vital Asset Protection, Hostile Environment PSD, Media Safety & Security, Security Risk Management, Security Consultancy & Advisory, Emergency Contingency Planning.